The Student Noticeboard

How to Post
  • Select whether you're advertising or looking for something. Then select a category it belongs to. If your category isn't there, click other.
  • Provide us with a title of what it is you're advertising or looking for.
  • If a training event, let us know who is providing the training, e.g. a society, YUSU etc. Also, ensure you provide a date and time.
  • Add a detailed description about your advertisement. Looking for a Web developer? What languages specifically? Image Editing? What software?
  • Use the editor to include any relevant links, additional images, or embed videos into your post. This is a good way to advertise your previous work too!
  • Upload a featured image to display on the post. This section is optional, though.
  • If required, give some information about your budget or what the cost per hour is.
  • Other students will be able to contact you about your post once uploaded.
  • If required, add a deadline date.
  • All good? Click submit and your post will be submitted for approval. You'll receive a confirmation email once uploaded.